Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away? We hope you and your family are making the most of this holiday season.

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Another Christmas is almost here, along with the annual onslaught of Christmas music, movies, lights, shopping lists, ads, and inflatable lawn ornaments. We all know the Christmas season is supposed to be about generosity, family, and celebrating the gift of Jesus, but let’s be honest—how much of our Christmas holiday is actually spent thinking about ourselves and what we want? Since we’re all familiar with this selfishness struggle, Merry Christmas to Me will take us back to the very first Christmas—a day that was only possible because of the selflessness, generosity, and sacrifice of God and God’s people.

Week 1: On the first Christmas, Mary and Joseph gave up their comfort.

Week 2: On the first Christmas, God gave everything.

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Here’s a book to add to your Christmas list (or just buy for yourself)! Brad Montague’s Becoming Better Grownups is full of advice, inspiration, and encouragment to help you be the kind of grown-up who makes a real difference in the life of your teenager.

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What’s on your teenager’s Christmas list this year?