It’s been a fun (and crazy) year so far! This month, we’ve got plans to help you teenager grow closer to God than ever.

What’s Happening

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July 12–
July 16

This summer, we’re planning an incredible camp experience for students! If you haven’t yet received information via email, phone call, or your teenager, please contact the office!

What We’re Teaching

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Have you ever been lost? Maybe you wandered away from your parents, took a wrong turn, or lost track of your friends in a crowd. It can be scary to realize you’re not sure where you are or how to get home again—and the same thing is true about our faith. We were created to be close to the God who made and loves us. But some of us don’t know our Creator yet. And some of us do know Christ, but we wander far away (or at least we feel like we have). In March, we'll explore a series of stories Jesus told about lost things that were found again.

Week 1: Jesus notices you.

Week 2: Jesus values you.

Week 3: Jesus welcomes you back.

Week 4: Jesus invites you to the party.

Tip of the Month:

How to Use the Four Spiritual Habits

Resource of the Month

If you ever feel like you could use some tips for leading your kids spiritually, check out Raising Disciples: How to Make Faith Matter for Our Kids by Natalie Frisk!

Question of the Week

What's the hardest thing about parenting a teenager in 2021?